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Fraud Alert 2



When it comes to account hijacking, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Here are some basic safety tips you can implement immediately:

Password Protection - If your password is easy for you to remember, the chances are good it is also easy for an Internet hacker to figure out. Experts advise a combination of letters and numbers…and avoiding pet names, your home address and similar easy-to-crack codes.

Virus Vaccine - Your computer’s anti-virus software is like a vaccine—it works at first, but you need to keep it up-to-date to guard against new strains.

Patching the Firewal - This protective wall between the outside world and your computer can help prevent unauthorized access to your computer. Updates are called patches, and you should check regularly with your software company to be sure you have the latest patches.

Zap the Spywar - Anti-spyware programs are readily available, and every computer connected to the Internet should have the software installed…and updated regularly.

No “Phishing” Allowe - If you receive an unexpected email, or one that you consider suspicious, delete it. Remember: your bank will never email you and ask you to go to another site to "verify information."

Quick Facts About Account Hijacking
  • 2 million people were hit with account hijacking last year,
    and over half believe it was from a phishing email.
  • Illegal checking account transfers resulting from account
    hijacking could double in 2006 according to the FDIC.
  • Overall account fraud totals more than $2.4 billion
    annually, $1,200 per victim.
  • People who monitor their accounts online (rather than just
    with mailed statements) can detect hijacking earlier. In one
    report, victims’ losses were one-eight of those who detected
    the crime via paper statements due to early detection.


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